Violence as a Quest for Identity

TV Ontario 1977
The Mike McManus Show
Host: Mike McManus

What Television Does Best

The National Broadcasting Corporation 1976
The Tomorrow Show
Host: Tom Snyder

Television as a Debating Medium

The National Broadcasting Corporation 1976
The Today Show
Hosts: Tom Brokaw (American journalist) and Edwin Newman (American journalist)

The Planet as Art Form

The American Broadcasting Corporation 1972
The David Frost Show
Host: David Frost (British journalist)
Guests: Marshall McLuhan and Peter Fonda (American actor)

Television News Is a New Mythic Form

TV Ontario 1970
Brave New Words
Wychwood Park, Toronto (home of Marshall McLuhan)
Interviewer: Tom Wolfe (American writer)

Marshall McLuhan in Conversation with Norman Mailer

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation 1968
The Summer Way
Moderator: Ken Foley
Host: Paul Soles
Marshall McLuhan debates Norman Mailer (American writer)

Predicting Interactive Communication via the Internet

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation 1966
This Hour Has Seven Days
Interviewer: Robert Fulford (Canadian journalist)

The Future of Man in the Electric Age

British Broadcasting Corporation 1965
Interviewer: Frank Kermode (British literary critic)